Text talk meanings: How to decipher your kids text talk!

As a parent, you may believe that the Internet is all mixed up and full of misunderstandings. You may have a conflict with your child too because they’re cocky, irritable, and you feel you’re losing touch with what’s going on in their life as they pour over the Internet. You need to understand text talk meanings. Otherwise, you’ll never know what’s going on in your child’s life. Find out the real meaning behind your kids text messages because you can’t conceive what is going on if you aren’t aware of some of the errors they’re making. Of all the text talk meanings you need to know of; PIR is the first one as this means Parent in Room. There are other acronyms used by kids, which should raise some red flags for parents, particularly with younger children and teens. Some of these are CID for the drug ACID, CU46 – See you for sex, Broken which stands for Hungover from alcohol, SUGARPIC – Suggestive or erotic photo and IPN – I’m posting naked. There are many more, many of which are entirely harmless such as LOL. Once you’re clued up on these, you’ll have an idea of what’s going on in your child’s life.



3 Critical Communication Skills for a Job Interview

Communication skills required for a job interview

Communication skills are essential for everyone whatever job you are doing. In fact, good communication skills are a key factor in career success and also landing a job matching your skills. Here are some Good communication skills essential for job interviews.

(1) Interpersonal skills of speaking – Speaking is a skill you would require daily on your job. The same is tested by putting you under stress in an interview. If you can speak your mind without hesitating you have the skill. The way to practice is to mute the television and speak the dialogues with your friends. You will enjoy the game and learn to speak in the process.

(2) Presentation – This is another skill which is tested in an interview and can be fine tuned by practice. The easy way to do it to choose a topic and make a presentation daily on MS-Powerpoint and present in front of friends or family. It might look weird but is extremely useful.

(3) Problem-solving acumen – This skill is also tested in an interview. The interviewer will present a problem before you and want an answer. Do not become self-conscious or flustered trying to second guess the ‘right’ answer. Instead, listen carefully and present a solution that seems plausible to you.

Positive thinkers may experience perceptive dissonance

Positive thinkers may actually be strong pessimists

Many people believe that positive thinkers are able to somehow affect the outcome of their activities with greater force than complacent thinkers. This may or may not be true, but we know that self-reported studies tend to have skewed results and measures of bias representing margins of error within an academic study. It’s not that people are lying about the outcome, but it can be that people are lying about having thought positively about the project while it was happening. For example, have you ever heard somebody discuss a project that appeared to have been difficult, but then became heroically successful? At the conclusion, when interviewed, the participant will often report that they ‘tried to stay positive’ throughout. We often attribute this to the power that positive thinkers have. But, in fact, this person may be largely a pessimist, and while they were able to think positive thoughts to calm their fears, it may be that those fears were irrational, and that the project always had a strong possibility of success.

What does Your Handwriting say about You?

We all use language in its different forms to communicate with one another, whether verbally or in writing. When we communicate our thoughts and emotions in writing, the neatness and accuracy of the way it is presented says something about you. Handwriting is fascinating because it tells people something of who you are, and the way you dot your i’s and cross your t’s can actually land you the right job and lend credibility to your communication.

A New York psycho-therapist, Ivy Helstein, says ‘handwriting is brain writing – your unconscious mind being conveyed down to the fingers .’I’m amazed that the way you write along with graphological services  has even been used for identification. I recently read that graphological testimony has even been admitted in court and that handwriting experts have even been used by attorneys as well as police detective to help with validating wills and to identify criminals. People looking to employ people use handwriting to silently communicate integrity of the person to them and suitability for a job, and this in itself leads to a lower staff turnover.  Body language may well be one way of conveying a message, but written language is powerful enough to be used in court and for employee selection and placement and graphologists say dishonesty even shows up in handwriting.

Facial Expression Language

Since time of the evolution theory put forward by Charles Darwin, facial expression and what they communicate has been a topic of contention. Here are a few of facial expressions and what they communicate.

Shame or defeat

Shame or defeated expression– The eye down with creased forehead communicates shame or defeat. The head is facing downwards with frown on the face. In modern societies this expression is classified as personal.


Surprise – Surprise is a very known expression and is easy identifiable. The wide eyes and the gaping mouth say it all without the necessity of speaking any words. Surprise can be positive or negative and the expression says whether it is a pleasant surprise or a shock.


Focus – Eyes on a particular object with very less change in the expression communicates focus. While focusing all of us will have the same face muscles reacting and giving away what we are doing.


Anger – One of the most primary expression. It is even done by animals and is a very clear expression on the face.Clenched jaws with eyes flinched it is one of the expression which uses 43 face muscles. So do away with this expression, it is a waste of energy.


Happiness – The relaxed face with a smile with some teeth showing is happiness personified. It is an expression which can be shown by human face only. You did not know this right!

5 Ways to Use Body Language

Body language

A simple gesture, movement of body part or an expression is what is classified as body language. It speaks out louder than words. Today will discuss a few things about how body language knowledge can help in real life.

  • To Relieve stress – Yes friends try this out. Simply standing and making a “V” by raising your hands can help you to de-stress. Also standing with hands on hips gives you the sense of power, in the process reducing stress.
  • To connect with you partner – If you can understand what your partner is saying by just observing the body language, then the bond will grow strong. I used to see how my grandma used to sense what my grandpa wanted. It was really amazing. Now some tips. When your partner is raising his wrists and rubbing with his hands, he/she wants attention. Just say a few calming words and bond will strengthen.
  • Calming voice for kids  – Just lowering down the tone of your voice will help you connect with kids. This is essential for building trust rather than fear. Even teach your kids the virtue at an early age by playing a game where you pause between sentences and use soft voice.
  • Increase creativity – A recent research found that gesturing with hands while brainstorming helps get better ideas. So much for the gestures!
  • Eating the right food – Yes folks, it is true. A recent study showed that people who flex their muscles are more likely to choose the healthy food over junk food.

Personal Space and Communication

Space in Non-Verbal Communication

Did you know the importance of personal space? Oh you should know and even if you do not know what it is you are acting to protect it always. You would not let everyone touch you or come very close right. The spaces close to our body which we think to be a part of our body is known as personal space. When you come too close to a person you will be invading the personal space. The reactions may be startling and would result in some responses that follow:

  • Increased alertness and stiff muscles – Your body will start preparing for defense. The muscles will get ready for a fight and become stiff. This is due to the signals from the brain saying the body to get prepared.
  • Taking a step back – As somebody comes too close you will step back and avoid him invading your personal space. This is a natural reaction. So when somebody is stepping back when you are close understand the signal.
  • Less Communication – The first reaction will be less communication. The person whose personal space is breached will talk less and less and ultimately stop.
  • Hard Tone – Some people who are straight forward may change their tone first and might even ask you to stay a bit away.

So what is the right personal space? Well that is hard to answer. It is like trying to answer how much salt is perfect or how much justcash is right. It differs from person to person. But always be careful and not get too close.